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Common problems in pump selection

  • How to calculate lift?

    To put it simply, the calculation formula of pump head is: head = vertical height + pipeline loss + accessory loss + outlet pressure.The common unit of lift is meter, MPa.The conversion relation is: 1MPa is approximately 100 meters.

  • How to calculate the flow of water pump?

    The volume of liquid discharged by the pump in a unit time is called volumetric flow, which is expressed in terms of Q and measured in cubic meters per hour (m3/h) and litres per second (L /s).Conversion relationship: 1 L/s=3.6m3/h=0.06 m3/min=60L/min.The mass flux G=Q, G is the mass flux and the density of the liquid.

  • What parameters are needed for pump selection?

    Pump parameters refer to the main technical data of pump performance, including flow, head, speed, efficiency and specific speed. When selecting the type, users need to provide some parameters, such as pump head, pump flow, pump motor matching power, pump diameter, etc., so that the manufacturer can select suitable pump model for users and solve user problems.

  • What is rated flow, rated lift, rated power

    Pump design is carried out according to the working performance parameters of the set pump, and the best performance achieved is set as the rated performance parameters of the pump, usually refers to the parameter value specified on the product catalog or sample.For example, QY10-35-2.2, rated flow rate is 10m3/h, rated head is 35m, rated power is 2.2kW.

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