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Broad market

With more than 60 years of experience in pump manufacturing and quality service, the land pump industry has partners all over the country, and even in foreign countries, there are successful cases of water pump, join the land, there is no worry about sales.

Product maturity

Earth pump industry is mainly engaged in the research and production of submersible pumps and other pumps, which can meet customers' complete requirements for products, and provide appropriate products and a full set of products and services.

Reliable service

We have a sound technical team and perfect after-sales service, online and offline synchronous online, timely solve the problems of users in the process of using products, follow-up and continuous follow-up maintenance.

Franchise advantage

  • 01/

    Offer the best price

  • 02/

    Provide the most timely technical solution

  • 03/

    Provide the most perfect after-sales service

Joining conditions

  • Comply with relevant policies of Dadi agency

  • Have commercial credit and certain commer

  • Familiar with and love water pump sales

  • Strong sense of enterprise and hard work

Information phone

0734-5378625 0734-5375545

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