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China's water pump industry in 2020 seven directions of deve

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China's water pump industry in 2020 seven directions of development


From 2015 to 2020, China's water pump industry has entered the stage of rapid development. At present, combined with the pump valve market, the general trend of China's water pump development can be summed up as follows: high efficiency, large capacity, high lift, high reliability, low noise, high speed, automation.


High efficiency


Pump is a general mechanical product, its power consumption is objective.Therefore, improving pump efficiency is of great significance to energy conservation.As early as in the 1970s, China began to carry out technical renovation and update on low-efficiency pumps, such as products with centrifugal pump efficiency less than 60%, so that the improved feed pump efficiency reached about 79%.In 1980s, China introduced new technology and produced the third generation of high pressure boiler feed water pump, whose efficiency is more than 82%.


Large capacity, high lift


When the pump capacity is increased, the equipment can be reduced and the construction cost can be reduced, saving energy.It is convenient for management and automation, and can also improve the technical and economic index and operation reliability of the unit.


High reliability


Because pump to large capacity, high speed direction of development, so the reliability of the demand is more and more high.Because only the pursuit of high efficiency and sudden reliability, then in the operation of energy savings costs far more than offset by the pump accident caused by the economic loss.Therefore, while improving efficiency, reliability should be put in the first place.The reliability of the pump should be guaranteed from design, manufacture to installation and operation.


Low noise


Noise pollution, like air pollution and water pollution, is harmful to people's health.At present, many countries have done a lot of research on the mechanism of noise control, noise detection technology and noise limitation standards, and formed a new subject.


High speed


In the 1960s, due to cavitation and material problems, the pump speed was generally only 3000R /min. In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the pump speed was getting higher and higher.For the pump, increase the speed can improve the pump single - stage head.Therefore, at the same time the total head, can reduce the pump series, shorten the length of the pump shaft, reduce volume, reduce weight, save raw materials and manufacturing costs.For example, when the rotational speed of the feed water pump of the 660MW unit in the United States is raised from 3000r/min to 7500r/min, the single stage range can reach 1143m, and the level is reduced from 5 to 2, and the weight is reduced by 3/4.Thus it can be seen that the economic benefits brought by the increase in speed are very significant.


It is worth noting that in 1995, the results of the national pump operation survey show that the actual operation efficiency of centrifugal pump in China is 10%~30% lower than that in developed countries.Therefore, in addition to improving the efficiency of the pump itself, it is also necessary to improve its operating efficiency in the system.




With the development and application of computer technology and network technology, the DCS of computer network monitoring and control, namely distributed computer control system or distributed control system for short, has been realized in more than 300MW units.Foreign thermal power plant electrical monitoring and control into the DCS system, so as to achieve the whole thermal power plant computer network system monitoring and control and management, become an automatic thermal power plant.In DCS system, the pump is no longer single control, but network monitoring control.It can realize automatic start and stop of pump, real-time monitoring, display and control of flow, pressure, temperature and other parameters online, and automatic fault diagnosis, automatic linkage and protection online.


The current situation analysis report of the pump industry is to analyze the current development characteristics, development stage, supply and demand balance, competition pattern, economic operation, major competitive enterprises, investment and financing of the pump industry, in order to grasp the current situation of the pump industry, and provide information support for the research and judgment of the future development trend of the pump industry.

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