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After sales and technical support
1. The purpose
In order to further improve and standardize after-sales service behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of related parties, clarify the responsibilities and obligations of related parties, ensure the full use of external information, and improve the processing efficiency and effectiveness of after-sales service, these measures are formulated in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
2. After-sales regulations and service commitments
Three guarantees of products, unsalable products, and owed products processing; after-sales information processing, product return process.
3. Regulations
1. Three-guarantee products refer to products that are repaired, replaced or returned due to performance failures during the three-guarantee period.
2. Unsalable products refer to the products that the distributor has not been able to sell for more than three years and five years from the date of receiving the goods.
3. Debt products refer to the inventory returned after the dissolution of the partnership with the distributor.
4. Three Guarantees Responsibility Time
①Within 7 days from the date of purchase, if the pump installed and used according to the instruction manual has a performance failure, you can choose to return, replace or repair.
②Within 15 days from the date of purchase, if the pump installed and used according to the instruction manual has a performance failure, you can choose to replace or repair it.
③From the date of purchase, the three-guarantee period for the clean water environment of the pump product is one year, and the three-guarantee period for the mining and sewage engineering environment is half a year. If performance failure occurs, the pump can be repaired or replaced depending on the situation. If the pump is repaired twice within the validity period of the three packs, the pump that still cannot be used normally or the pump that cannot be repaired can be replaced with the same type and specification pump.
5. The date of purchase refers to the date on the valid purchase voucher (invoice, warranty card stamped with the dealer's seal, and memo issued by the dealer).
6. The content on the valid purchase voucher should include the customer's name, address, contact number (mobile phone), specification and model, quantity, and date.
7. The "Three Guarantees" period refers to products that exceed the "Three Guarantees" period from the date of purchase.
8. The appraisal of returned products is performed by the three-guarantee manager of the Quality Engineering Department.
9. Maintenance point refers to the maintenance point with corresponding conditions designated by the company and marketing department.
10. In the following cases, three guarantees are not implemented, but paid services are provided.
①Exceeding the three guarantee period;
② There is no valid proof of purchase, nor can it prove that the product is within the warranty period;
③The product specification model on the valid purchase certificate is altered;
④Caused by human factors, including failures caused by using in abnormal working environment and not following the instructions;
⑤ The user disassembles, repairs, refits, or does not special repair by the company (except authorized);
⑥ Damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.);
⑦There are no three guarantees for wearing parts, such as pump cover, impeller, guide vane and other pump parts (except for normal use and short time);
⑧When both parties confirm that they need to send personnel to the site to deal with quality problems, they will be in place within 24 hours and 48 hours outside the province.
4.The procedure
1. Products returned to the factory must be accompanied by a list of corresponding information. For operation, please refer to appendix 1: "Quality Information Feedback Process", appendix 2: "Three Guarantees Pump Processing Process", the appendix is ​​in the download center
① For three packs of products, provide valid original proof of purchase; (The dealer is strictly prohibited to reprint the proof, and you will be responsible for any consequences);
② For cleared products and slow-moving products, provide a list with the dealer's seal and including product specifications, models, quantities, and integrity;
③If the returned product does not provide the corresponding information with the product, and cannot prove that the product is within the three guarantee period, it will be accepted as the exceeding three guarantee period;
④The returned products must be approved by the area manager and agreed with the after-sales manager before they can be returned to the company.
2. The three packs manager will proofread and judge based on the returned pump and the information provided with the product.
① The three packs of pumps are identified in accordance with the "Submersible Pump Failure Judgment", and the identification conclusions are truthfully filled out on the "Product Acceptance Appraisal Replacement Card".
② If the three guarantee period is exceeded or the user is responsible, the charge amount shall be specified according to the "Product Maintenance Charge Standard".
③ If the cleared products and unsalable products are damaged or have other performance failures, the amount of the charge must also be specified and written on the "Product Acceptance Appraisal Replacement Card".
3. If the unsalable products are returned to the factory, the seller and the area manager shall obtain the consent of the person in charge of the marketing department in advance, and the person in charge of the marketing department and the person in charge of the quality department shall sign their opinions on the list.
4. After the owed products are returned to the factory, the distributor and the area manager shall obtain the prior consent of the head of the marketing department, and the company’s quality department and financial department can audit the return process. After returning to the factory, the auditor and the head of the marketing department will Sign the identification card.
5. If the warranty period is exceeded or the user’s responsibility for use, the three-guarantee fee needs to be reduced or exempted by the Minister of Quality Department, but the amount of reduction or exemption shall not exceed 40% of the total amount. Special circumstances can be reduced or exempted by the person in charge of the Quality Department and Marketing Department after communicating with the customer. Three guarantees of expenses; other circumstances that require full reduction or exemption require the approval of the general manager.
6. Slow-sale charging standard: the transportation cost is borne by the distributor, and the cost of the packing box and the cost of rework are determined based on the product model and the amount of the company's loss. The above charges are handled by the area manager.
7. The owed products shall be dealt with in accordance with the remaining problem handling method.
8. Products repaired at special maintenance points (special maintenance points need to be approved by the leaders of the quality department and marketing department in advance), strictly in accordance with the "Three Guarantees Pump Maintenance Charge Standard", and the company checks the corresponding amount in the payment.
9. According to the information on the "Product Acceptance Appraisal Replacement Pump Card", the Finance Department carefully checks and handles related procedures such as charging and redemption.
10. The three packs manager will check the three packs of products handed over by the physical control department, and sign on the receiving card after receipt, and the registration and identification transfer procedures will end. If there are missing parts in the returned product, both parties will note on the card Ming and confirmation.
5.Three guarantees of accessories management
1: Chargeable accessories
1.1 Due to user problems or beyond the warranty period, the user needs to replace the accessories. This part of the accessories needs to be charged. The after-sales service department or the salesperson will open the sales warehouse order at the sales office, and the sales process is the same.
1.2 Distributors need to purchase accessories for sales or after-sales the same sales process. In principle, this part of accessories does not accept return to the company for processing.
2: Free accessories
2.1 During the warranty period of the product, the company dispatches after-sales personnel to do after-sales processing. The after-sales personnel will issue a "Three Guarantees Shipment Notice" according to the actual condition of the product. Financial accounting, and then complete the picking from the warehouse.
2.2 During the warranty period, the product has simple faults. You only need to send the parts dealers or users and entrust them to repair. The marketing department will issue a "Quality Information Feedback Form". After the after-sales department confirms the information, the responsible sales manager will issue the corresponding accessories. Free delivery to dealers or users, this part of the accessories by the company to bear the freight.
6. Other
1. The right to interpret these measures belongs to the company.
2. These measures shall be implemented from the date of approval.

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