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Pump flow

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Pump flow
       The volume or mass of liquid discharged by the pump per unit time is the pump flow rate, or the pump flow rate refers to the amount of water pumped by the pump per unit time.
  The pump flow is usually expressed by the English letter Q. The unit of pump flow is m3 / s, m3 / h,
L / S, etc.
  If the pump flow rate is 80M3 per hour, write 80M3 / h; when the flow rate per second is 20L, write 20L / s. Because the water weight of 1M3 is 1000kg, 1L water weight is 1kg, and 1h is 3600s, so different units can be converted. For example, 20L / s = 72M3 / h.
  The flow rate of the pump marked on the pump brand is the rated flow, and the pump works at the highest efficiency at this flow rate. When using a water pump, you should strive to work near the rated pump flow, which is the most economical. The pump flow rate is proportional to the pipe diameter and flow rate. When the pipe diameter is selected, the flow rate can be increased by increasing the flow rate; but the flow rate is too high, the friction loss increases, and the efficiency decreases. The general control flow rate is within the range of 1 ~ 3m / s.

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