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Powder pneumatic transport choice what pump good?

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Powder pneumatic transport choice what pump good?Answer: diaphragm pump!


Powder pneumatic conveying diaphragm pump has the following characteristics:


1. No dead point operation, able to work even under low intake pressure.


2. Good sealing, no leakage in the whole process of powder, so that operators can avoid contact with powder as much as possible.


3. Designed a airflow induction system to prevent the possibility of powder filling the pump cavity.


4. The fluidized gas and the motor driven gas of the pump can be separated to avoid oxidation and delirium in contact with the air;Fluidized gases can be used separately for further purification and drying treatment (in contact with powder), or other gases (such as inert gases such as nitrogen) can be used.


5. Economical and practical, easy to install, unlike the expensive traditional large pre-installed powder delivery system.


6. Lightweight and easy to use, it can be easily moved anywhere.


7. Stir the material in a smaller amount to avoid the material heating. There is no electric spark and no heat generated during operation.


8. Milder internal shear force ensures that the integrity of the material is not affected.


9. Bolt fastens the structure and uses bolt connection to achieve leak proof integrity.

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