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Water pump classification

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Water pump classification
  According to the use of classification of delivery pumps, circulation pumps, fire pumps, pressure test pumps , sewage pumps , metering pumps, sanitary pumps, dosing pumps, gelatinization pumps, infusion pumps, defoaming pumps, process pumps, oil pumps, water supply pumps, drainage Pumps, drain pumps, dredge pumps, sprinkler irrigation pumps, booster pumps, high-pressure pumps, insulation pumps, high-temperature pumps, low-temperature pumps, condensate pumps, heat pumps, cooling pumps, HVAC pumps, deep well pumps, pain pumps, chemotherapy pumps , Suction pump, blood pump, suction pump, desulfurization pump, shear pump, grinding pump, fuel pump, fish suction pump, bathtub pump, source heat pump, filter pump, aeration pump, shampoo pump, injection pump, inflation Pumps, gas pumps, art pumps, odorizing pumps, shredding pumps,
  oil pumps by industry, metallurgical pumps, chemical pumps, fishery pumps, mining pumps, power pumps, hydraulic pumps, water treatment pumps, food pumps, brewing pumps, Pharmaceutical pumps, beverage pumps, oil refining pumps, seasoning pumps, paper pumps, textile pumps, printing and dyeing pumps, ceramic pumps, paint pumps, pesticide pumps, fertilizer pumps, sugar pumps, alcohol pumps, environmental protection pumps, salt pumps, beer pumps , Starch pump, water supply pump, heating pump, agricultural pump, garden pump, aquarium Boiler pump, medical pump, marine pumps, air pumps, automotive pumps, fire pumps, cement pumps, air conditioning pumps, nuclear power pumps, mechanical pumps, gas pumps, gas mixing pump
  according to the principles of classification of reciprocating pumps, piston pumps, piston pumps , Diaphragm pump, rotor pump, screw pump, liquid ring pump, gear pump, sliding vane pump, roots pump, roller pump, cam pump, peristaltic pump, disturbance pump, vane pump, centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed flow Pumps, vortex pumps, jet pumps, jet pumps, water hammer pumps, vacuum pumps, rotary shell pumps, hose pumps, worm pumps
  are classified by medium, clean water pump, sewage pump, seawater pump, hot water pump, hot oil pump, heavy oil pump, oil pump , Heavy oil pump, residual oil pump, asphalt pump, impurity pump, slurry pump, mortar pump, mortar pump, ash pump, mud pump, cement pump, concrete pump, powder pump, acid pump, air pump, steam pump, oxygen Pump, ammonia pump, gas pump, blood pump, foam pump, lotion pump, paint pump, sulfuric acid pump, hydrochloric acid pump, colloid pump, alcohol pump, beer pump, wine pump, chocolate pump, milk pump, starch pump, wort pump , Toothpaste pump, brine pump , Brine pump, lye pump, molten salt pump, grease pump, pesticide pump, fertilizer pump, pharmaceutical pump, gas-liquid pump, oil pump, chemical fiber pump, spinning pump, dose pump, paint pump, fruit pulp pump, pulp Pump, insulin pump, thick slurry pump, air pump, water pump, oil pump

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