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Submersible pump cable needs to be very long, how to choose?

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The installation will be confronted with power supply and all kinds of pump submersible pump machine distance is too long, just as its name implies pump is installed in the water pump, pump and the power switch will have a long distance, so need to be on the basis of form a complete set of submersible pump cable extension cable, so the size of all kinds of submersible pump power cable are decided according to the length of the cable.


Submersible pump cable needs to be very long, how to choose?


1, if it is a submersible sewage pump according to the sewage pump to transport the liquid medium to choose to match the line, such as the liquid conveying corrosive, so the rubber outside the cable to choose stainless steel submersible pump and corrosion resistance of the submersible cable, otherwise it will be because of corrosion and lead to leakage of electricity dangerous accidents.


2, choose the wiring of submersible pump again when first according to the size of the cable to determine the length of the wiring, if the use of submersible pump itself power supply voltage is slightly lower than the voltage required submersible pump, and add the required length of cable configuration and longer, the operation of the submersible pump cable will become bigger and if diving sewage pump working long hours of diving sewage pump motor is very bad, under the condition of the sewage pump type cable wiring should match YCW or YC rubber set soft cable, such as not cable advice to choose YCW dived into the water.

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