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How to prevent leakage by installing a new corrosion resista

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Corrosion resistant self-priming pump air leakage is a common problem in the process of installation and use, such as the pump body with air will seriously damage the pump body, which will lead to very serious consequences, and even become a safety accident.Therefore, the prevention of self-priming pump leakage daily maintenance is very important must start from the root.Let's understand the daily precautions for the use of self-priming pump.









1, installation of corrosion resistant self-suction pump suction pipe, water inlet pipe should always be slightly downward or horizontal installation, inlet pipe at any point must not be higher than the water pump inlet, otherwise the air in the pipe can not be exhausted.



2, corrosion resistant self-priming pump installation position should be as close to the water surface as possible, to ensure that when the water level falls, do not suck air.



3, to prevent packing culvert leakage.The packing culvert tightness should be appropriate, if too loose, should tighten the packing gland;Packing damage, failure, should be replaced in time;The water seal at the packing cover is blocked and heated, which will cause leakage of the packing cover. The water seal should be cleaned.



4. Before installation of the inlet pipe connected with the flange, clean the plane contacting with the two flange plates, add a 3-5mm thick rubber pad in the middle, and tighten the bolts symmetically and gradually several times.



5, corrosion resistant self-priming pump bottom valve to have sufficient submergence depth, from the valve plane calculated from the submergence depth should be equal to the bottom valve diameter of 1.5~2 times, at least not less than 0.5m.If submerged too shallow, easy to form a vortex, thus suction air, cavitation and damage the impeller and pump housing.If you find that the water level drops quickly when the pump is running, you can put a few boards on the water surface to reduce the vortex and prevent air from entering the pump housing.



6. The pump body of the self-prizing centrifugal pump is provided with the air bleed screw plug. To facilitate air bleed, the faucet with the same thread size can be used instead of the air bleed screw plug.



7, corrosion resistance self-priming pump suction nozzle vacuum is limited, the vacuum degree is too large, easy to make the pump water vaporization, adverse to the work of self-priming pump.Therefore, each suction pump has its maximum allowable suction, generally between 3~8.5m, and should be controlled within this range during installation.

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