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Precautions and characteristics in the use of pipeline pump

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1. During the operation of pipeline pump, the bearing temperature shall not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C and the highest temperature shall not exceed 80C.


2. Add bearing lubricating oil to the bearing body of pipeline pump. Observe the oil level at the center line of the oil mark, and replace or replenish the oil in time.


3, unscrew the pipe pump pump body of the water plug, filling the water (or slurry).


4. Start the pipeline pump motor, and check if the motor is turning correctly.


5. Close the gate valve of the pipeline pump outlet pipeline, outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum gauge.


6. Start the pipeline pump motor. After the normal operation of the pipeline pump, open the pressure gauge at the outlet and the vacuum pump at the inlet, and gradually open the gate valve and check the load of the motor according to the appropriate pressure.


7, as far as possible to control the pipeline pump flow and head in the range indicated on the label, in order to ensure that the pipeline pump in the highest efficiency point operation, in order to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.


8, when the pipeline pump to stop use, close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.


9, if found abnormal sound pipeline pump should stop immediately to check the reason.


10, check the pipeline pump and pipeline and joint is not loose phenomenon.Turn the pipe pump by hand and see if it is flexible.


11, regularly check the wear of the pipe pump shaft sleeve, wear should be replaced in time.


12. In the first month of operation of the pipeline pump, the lubricating oil shall be changed for 100 hours, and the oil shall be changed for every 500 hours thereafter.


13. Pipeline pump shall be disassembled for a long time when it is out of service, and the water shall be dried, and the rotating part and joint shall be coated with grease for proper preservation.


14, pipeline pump in the winter season when the use, stop, the lower part of the pump water screw plug to unscrew the media to prevent freezing crack.


15. Frequently adjust the filler gland of pipeline pump to ensure the normal dripping situation in the packing room.

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