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Character introduction

Yu Wuhai
Yu WuhaiMinister of Scientific Research

Yu Wuhai, male, 45 years old, graduated from Hunan Institute of Engineering in 1996, engineer.Since I started my work, I have been engaged in the design of water pump in Hunan Dadi Pump Industry Co., LTD.In 2000, he participated in the training of fluid professionals held by The Fluid Research Institute of Jiangsu University and acquired rich knowledge of water pump design.In the long-term design practice, from the technician, assistant engineer, engineer, director design engineer, along the way, design a lot of excellent products, has successfully developed QY, WQ, QW, QXN, QDX, QX, BQW, BQS and other series of more than 100 specifications.Good at pump design, pump fluid flow field analysis, proficient in the characteristics of the pump, pump operation mechanism, can be based on customer needs to provide reasonable solutions.

Papers, patents and related honors or experiences

The influence of cooling backflow hole and cavity of submersible sewage Pump on pump Performance was published in the national core journal "Pump Technology", no.6, 2006.

We have obtained four utility model patents and one invention patent, which are respectively "a built-in submersible pump", "a current-limiting submersible pump", "a down-suction submersible pump", "a sewage pump with adjustable clearance between impeller and pump cover" and "a submersible motor with easy disassembly of angular contact ball bearing".

Relevant honors or experience, 1.Member of Technical Committee of Hunan General Equipment Industry Association;2.The project of "Key Technology Research and Engineering Application of high-Head No-overload submersible sewage pump" designed by him won the second prize of Science and Technology Award of China Machinery Industry;3. Presided over the project of "research, development and promotion and application of high-efficiency mine and well submersible electric pump", and won the second prize of China Coal Industry Science and Technology Award.

Ren Qilin
Ren QilinElectrical Engineer

Ren Qilin, male, 57 years old, engineer title.He graduated from Hebei University of Science and Technology in 1980 with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.In 1986, he studied water pump design in Gansu University of Technology and obtained the graduation certificate of water pump design with excellent results.Since graduation, he has been engaged in the research and development and design of submersible motor and submersible pump for more than 30 years. He is familiar with the research and development, design and production of sewage pump and water treatment equipment., since joining the work lead or participate in a number of new products, including Wells with submersible motor and submersible pump, submersible sewage pump, oil field with submersible pumps, double suction pump, self-priming pump and high-rise feed water pump and other products, esp cable joint and oil-water separator, protector, submersible motor, submersible pump, such as a full range of products, research and development of submersible motor and pump has obtained the patent certificate.In the long-term design practice has accumulated rich experience in r & D design, can provide reasonable solutions to customer needs, and provide superior performance of products.

1. Led the r&d and design of the whole series of five series of submersible pumps with 27 varieties and 171 specifications, and won the second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Hebei Provincial Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering;

2. The well submersible brine pump that led the r&d and design won the third prize of science and Technology Progress of Hebei Provincial Department of Machinery;

3. Led and participated in the design of 200QJ25 type well submersible pump, which won the second prize of Excellent new product of Hebei Province.

Xiang Feng
Xiang FengElectrical engineer

Xiang Feng, 43, electrical engineer.Engaged in the electrical automation industry for 22 years, is the national registered electrical technician.Rich experience in industrial electrical equipment design, proficient in PLC, touch screen, stepping, servo motor programming and practical operation ability, proficient in maintenance, debugging various automation equipment!Familiar with Siemens s7-200 PLC, 300PLC, 400PLC and panasonic PLC, omron PLC programming design, mitsubishi FX series programming design haitech touch screen, mitsubishi touch screen, Siemens touch screen weilun touch screen, programming design, all kinds of stepping, servo control system design!With full enthusiasm, firm confidence, high sense of responsibility to meet new challenges, climb new heights!

Xie Xianjun
Xie XianjunMarketing Company Manager

Xie Xianjun, male, 49 years old, has been working in Hunan Dadi Pump Industry Co., LTD since he graduated from school in 1992.Has the mechanical and electrical major and the marketing, the economic management major study certificate, the undergraduate course education background, the economist intermediate title.

In 1992-1993, I worked as a technician in the new product workshop and sanbao Team.Operations Manager, Jinan Office, 1994-1995;1996-2010 Manager in Jingzhou Office and Chongqing, Hubei;Worked as a manager in Central China region from 2011 to 2013;From 2014 to now, I have been working as a marketing manager in the head office, mainly responsible for planning and building a national channel marketing network, building and managing channel marketing teams and making marketing plans, guiding and arranging sales management for customers of the company, and also in charge of the business work of major customers directly.I have more than 20 years of working experience in sales, team building and management of pump industry. I have rich experience in corporate marketing organizational structure setting, work process and job responsibilities, sales management system formulation and sales plan implementation.Familiar with the market situation of the industry.Good customer relationship coordination ability.I have strong team organizing ability and sales practical management experience, and I am familiar with the major brands in the same industry.During the work, he has won many honors and awards such as advanced worker, outstanding marketing award, Outstanding Party member, and outstanding management award.

Wang Jiwei
Wang JiweiRegional Sales Manager

Wang Jiwei, hunan province, the pump industry co., LTD., gold sales manager, as they struggle in the market for the first line, and a day to face all kinds of customers, in the face of all sorts of things, they want to the customer, the anxious customer anxious, to customers and gain more and more customers approval, the value of their own also get incisively and vividly reflected in the sales practice.No one can casually succeed, they will drive the earth a better tomorrow.

Zeng Huang
Zeng HuangRegional Sales Manager

Zeng Huang, male, 46 years old, associate degree.Work experience: from 1992 to 1996, Hengyang Dadi Pump Co., LTD. After-sales Service Department, service personnel.From 1997 to now, Hengyang Dadi Pump Co., LTD. Sales Department, regional sales manager.I have many years of submersible pump sales experience, channel sales, development ability is strong.Cheerful and stable personality, good at communication with people, affinity, a high enthusiasm for work and a strong sense of responsibility.He is a diligent and optimistic person.

Guo Fengmei
Guo FengmeiLaboratory inspector

Guo Fengmei, female, 38 years old, laboratory inspector, I am full of confidence in my work and life. I am willing to accept new things. I believe that as long as I have confidence, there will be no difficulty that cannot be solved.Truly outstanding, not only reflected in their own, more is to set an example.

Xie Zhigang
Xie ZhigangWater pump inspection

Xie Zhigang, male, 49 years old, pump testing engineer, joined the land pump industry in 1992.No matter when, I will be in his position serious and rigorous work, ensure the qualified rate of factory products to reach 100 percent, in the earth work for more than 20 years, work attitude has been consistent, never slack off.Less empty talk, more work, solid, hard work.

Chen Hongwu
Chen HongwuAfter the technician

Hong-wu Chen, male, age 40, the pump after-sales technical engineers, 20 years, has rich experience in hydraulic machinery field guide, commonly known as "king 24 hours standby", no matter when and where, as long as the customer's demand, can immediately put into work, with professional skills, rigorous attitude, enthusiastic service, warm the heart of the user, it is difficult to imagine the problem can be solved, there is no difficult to me that only by working hard to uphold and surrender.

Nai Liangliang
Nai Liangliang

Is liang liang, male, 32 years old, college degree, grinder pump work, stick to the idea of "everything in my speaking", put the theoretical knowledge in school, fully applied to the work practice, constantly explore innovative, with its own character and will to urge and hone, team members will support from the company's updraft and concept to every colleague.This will urge me to be more diligent, practical and rigorous in my future work.

Liu Liyun
Liu Liyun

Li-yun liu, male, age 50, casting forming technology, is one of the "return" in the foundry company, in this post for more than 30 years, decades limpet, starts from the minor matter, starts from the details, starts from oneself, far, afraid tired, ensure that finished products from his hand do absolutely qualified, with the rigorous work attitude, to influence the whole staff, no matter how urgent, difficult, task, or never meet I will complete with good quality.

Deng Lijun
Deng Lijunworkshop staff

Deng Lijun, male, 36 years old, is a technical operator in the processing workshop. During the more than 10 years since he joined the earth, what he likes to do most is to constantly challenge his "mechanical partner" after work. He has a spirit of indomitable spirit.There is no equipment that cannot be operated, and there is no operation problem that cannot be solved. We have been strictly following the industrial regulations and post operation method to complete the work tasks with both quality and quantity guaranteed.I will be more rigorous and diligent in my future work.

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