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R & D and production

The company has more than 500 sets of CNC machining center, large-scale digital boring machine, digital vertical lathe, CNC lathe, large-scale gantry planer milling machine, universal grinder, digital horizontal milling, vertical milling and other processing equipment;

The company has a resin sand molding, intermediate frequency furnace smelting full automatic casting production line, casting gray iron, ductile iron, high chromium alloy, stainless steel casting and extra large castings.

  • Annual production: 200000 sets
  • Qualification patent: 100 patents, 50 invention patents
Hunan Dadi Pump Co., Ltd

The earth pump industry uses CAD, solid works, ERP and other technologies and tools,
From the aspects of design and manufacturing, the informatization and standardization of enterprise management have been realized; advanced management concepts and methods have been introduced, and comprehensive quality management has been carried out to design and produce meticulouslyWith the tenet of sincere service, adhering to the three major development of market, production and technology, the company has put into use Kingdee k3-erp management system, < br >Scientific management of input-output, cost and expense, purchase and logistics, personnel and labor, statistical information, measurement and testing, etc., < br >All functional departments and production units such as science and technology, finance, production, equipment, accounting and inspection, administration, logistics, security, supervision and audit shall be included in the ISO9000 standard, and regular assessment and inspection shall be carried out

In terms of talents, the combination of "external introduction" and "internal training" The company has a sound staff training mechanism and staff promotion mechanism, the company to create a culture of learning knowledge, respect for knowledge, and vigorously commend the product design, process research, management innovation, scientific and technological papers, market development and other aspects of outstanding personnel.Relying on scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, the production management mode integrating personalized customization, conventional production service, sales and after-sales service has established a high-quality team of "scientific management, professional organization, sound sales and standardized service".

Technical team of the company

Led by the famous pump experts enjoying the State Council special allowance, they lead several generations of scientific and technological personnel to develop new products with characteristics independently, and have accumulated more than 100 national patents and more than 20 scientific and technological achievements awards.Company to become strategic emerging industries in hunan province in 2011 the first related enterprise, as "jiangsu hengyang earth graduate university joint training base", together with the fluid mechanical engineering technology research center of jiangsu university formed by engineering, researcher, doctoral supervisor, Dr Pacesetter engineering national candidate for the leader of the "jiangsu university hengyang earth pump engineering technology research center", make the company become a powerful pump technology research base in hunan province.

Introduction to scientific research

The company has a strong r & D team, specializing in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, mechanical manufacturing and process, fluid machinery and engineering, measurement and control technology and instruments, electrical engineering and automation, computer science and technology, etc.The team has a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical design experience, master the international and domestic leading motor and water pump design technology, rigorous style of research, collaboration and cooperation, the title structure, professional structure and age structure is reasonable, in the field of submersible pump has a strong product research design and development ability.In order to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific research personnel, the company sets out 3 ~ 5% of the profit every year to reward scientific research and design personnel with outstanding contributions, so as to improve the research and development personnel's research and development vitality.In order to maintain the company's technical strength in the industry, the company cooperated with Jiangsu University to conduct research on cutting-edge water pump technology;And through talent introduction and cooperative development to maintain the company's continuous product design innovation ability.
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