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Eight ways to prevent the pump from returning oil

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Eight ways to prevent the pump from returning oil
When using water pumps, oil return scenes often appear, which affects the normal use and causes us some confusion. Today, the earth pump industry will take you to understand the tips to prevent the pump from returning oil:
1. The shaft seal river static seal parts Reliable, change on demand;
2. Add a pipe in the oil hole so that the oil level is only slightly higher than the oil inlet;
3. Separate the oil near the exhaust valve of the pump from other oils, and the oil level is only slightly higher than wall;
4, and an oil pump assisted tissue intercept oil pump is stopped;
5, pump means a pump port of the inflation valve;
6, the fuel tank and the exhaust valve to move the side surface of the oil level drops, reducing oil;
7, The plane of the base of the water pump should be flat, and the valve plate should be elastic;
8. Set the check valve organization of the water pump, and actively close the oil inlet when the pump is stopped.
Dear customer, if the water pump you use happens to have this oil return phenomenon, I hope the above eight points can help you!

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