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Rules for regular maintenance of water pumps

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1, the purpose,


Ensure the pump is always in good working or standby condition.


2. Scope of application


All domestic pumps installed in the building, fire pump, spray pump, booster pump, sewage pump, air conditioning pump.


3, responsibilities


The maintenance staff of the management office shall be responsible for regular maintenance of the water pump.


4, content,


1) Daily inspection and maintenance shall be carried out on daily water pumps and air conditioning pumps once a week, and comprehensive maintenance shall be carried out every six months.


2) The fire pump and spray pump shall be put into trial operation every month, and the pressure supplement pump shall be put into trial operation every February. The operation time shall be 10-15 minutes. When the fire pump is started, the fire hydrant outlet spray range shall be tested on the top of the pipe network to reach over 6M, and comprehensive maintenance shall be carried out every six months.


3) Sewage pump and submersible pump should be fully maintained every six months.


4) When maintaining the water pump, the valves, pressure gauges and pipes within 2 meters connected with the pump body should be maintained together with the pump.


5) Maintenance of pump body


(1) check the pump body should be no damage, nameplate intact, clear direction of water flow, clean appearance, paint intact.


(2) Add lubricating oil, if the oil discolored, impurities, should be replaced.


(3) Check the packing, if there is water leakage should be added or replaced asbestos rope packing.


If there is any damage to the coupling's coupling bolts and rubber pads should be replaced.


5) Fixing the screws in the machine base and doing anti-rust treatment.


→ 6 Life water pump and air conditioning pump due to the frequent operation, should be removed every year coupling at both ends of the bearing for cleaning or replacement.


6) Maintenance of motor


1 appearance inspection should be clean, nameplate intact, good grounding wire connection.


(2) Disassemble the wire connection sheet in the motor junction box and test the insulation resistance between the phases and the ground of the motor winding with a 500V megohm meter to be not less than 0.5 megohm.


(3) The three-phase wire and connection sheet in the motor junction box should be firm and tight.


7) Maintenance of relevant valves, pipes and accessories


The switch of each valve should be flexible and reliable, without leakage inside and outside.


The check valve action should be flexible, no leakage in and out of the body.


The pressure gauge is accurate and the dial is clear.


(4) Pipeline and accessories appearance neat and beautiful, no cracks, paint should be complete without falling off.


(5) judge whether the pump steering is correct, if wrong should be corrected.


8) Maintenance of control cabinet


(1) Disconnect the main power supply of the control cabinet, check the transfer switch, start and stop button action should be flexible and reliable.


(2) Check the cabinet air switches, contactors, relays and other electrical appliances are in good condition, tighten the electrical contact and wiring terminal wiring screws.


(3) Clean the dust inside and outside the control cabinet.


(4) Close the total power supply, check the power supply indication should be normal.


9) After the maintenance of the starting pump, observe whether the ammeter and the indicator light are normal.


10) Observe that the operation of the water pump should be stable, without obvious vibration and abnormal sound, the pressure gauge indicator is normal, and the control cabinet electrical appliances without adverse noise.


5. Main water pump maintenance projects


SB single suction clean water centrifugal pump maintenance items and requirements


Operational requirements and technical requirements


1) Check the stuffing box


The pump with stuffing box seal, must pay attention to the tightness of the packing, too loose leakage too much affect the performance, in normal, leakage should be at 60 drops per minute or so, drip is normal, around the splash is abnormal


2) Check the mechanical seal


When this pump adopts mechanical seal, avoid by all means running water case, when debugging, also can only be instantaneous point, when the machinery is in operation with small drop of water flowed from block before the hydrosphere, when the water leakage is large, should check the friction ring, repair or replace the mechanical seal life of 8000 hours, normal generally don't have to change as long as the exchange of a complete set of ring and static ring this pair of friction ring can be


3) Lubricated bearings


This pump adopts imported SKF series bearing semi-closed type, high temperature grease has been added when leaving the factory, it can run continuously for 2 years, and grease needs to be added once a year in the future


4) Check the impeller for foreign matters


In case of special circumstances, if the pump impeller is damaged or foreign matter is rolled in, the bearing body and tail cover shall be removed, and the shaft and impeller shall be pulled out from behind. The pump body and the inlet and outlet water pipe shall not be removed


5) Inspect wearing parts


The main vulnerable parts of the pump include elastic coupling, mechanical seal, rotor ring, O-type rubber coil, bearing, impeller nut, packing pressure plate, etc., should pay attention to careful inspection during maintenance, if damaged should be replaced in time

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