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Cause the pump power consumption too big reason

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(1) Too high pump speed;


(2) The specific gravity of the conveying liquid exceeds the original design value;


(3) High viscosity of conveying liquid;


(4) The size of the pump impeller is too large;


(5) The resistance of the pipeline system exceeds or is insufficient to the predetermined value;


(6) Too low lift rate and too large flow rate of the pump,


(7) Friction between rotor parts and stator parts:


(8) Bearing wear or damage;


(9) Excessive pressure of mechanical seal on sealing seat,


(10) Outlet pipeline is broken;


(11) Bent pump shaft;


(12) Uneven thermal expansion of different parts in the pump;


(13) Inaccurate dynamometer;


(14) The pump balancing device does not work.

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