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Recruitment Hotline:0734-5376727
Company address : Puning Road, Hengdong industrial park

  • Bus route 1: Take No. 146 (No. 155, No. 423, No. 111, No. 125, No. 149) at Hengyang Railway Station Square to Linghu bus station bus platform; take the bus from Hengyang to Hengdong at Linghu bus station and get off at the gate of Dadi pump factory.
  • Bus route 2: Hengyang high speed railway station, about 760 meters walk to Wangjiang bus station, take the bus from Hengyang to Dapu, then take the bus from Dapu to Hengdong to get off at the gate of Dadi pump factory
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Address:Puning Road, Hengdong industrial park

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